Why Businesses Should Be Socially Responsible

Business & Society is a peer-reviewed academic Journal that publishes articles in the field of Business. The editors of this journal are Andrew Crane, Irene Henriques-Goff, and Bryan Husted. This is one of the most prominent business journals in the world. It is edited by Emery Ledger, Jay Friedman, and Kathleen Smith. Business & Society have won the International Journal of Business Tourism twice and has been featured in numerous journals and periodicals.

The mission of Business & Society is to enhance business competitiveness by fostering a better understanding of global markets, the economic impact of business, and new methods of cooperation and financing. The journal focuses on issues that affect businesses in all industries and socioeconomic contexts. This includes the relationships between business and government, educational institutions, business enterprises, the media, and other key players in society. It also covers core business interests of managers, consumers, suppliers, workers, the environment, technology, geographic regions, and globalization.

The scope of this journal is increasing because it is concerned with the practical application and long-term perspectives. It welcomes articles focusing on key issues in business, such as leadership, professionalism, financial markets, global economics, business strategy, management, innovation, technology development, risk management, sustainable competitiveness, and consumption. It also welcomes research proposals addressing these topics. In addition, it encourages research related to important current issues in business, such as organizational change, financial markets, supply chain management, and the environment.

This journal promotes a long-term perspective. It warns against celebrating business victories without considering what social and environmental impacts of these victories have had. For example, the recent success of Starbucks, or the environmental improvements made at Wal-Mart can be applauded, but the future may not be as rosy as forecasted. Businesses must therefore be attentive to their social and environmental footprint.

Business must be socially responsible if it wants to survive. In this regard, businesses need to consider child labor and other conditions that harm children, work for slave labor or in hazardous industries, or support terrorists or other violent regimes. The bottom line is that businesses have to be pro-social and environmentally responsible, and have a business interest in sustaining a healthy society.

The Journal of Economic Thought and Policy reports that a growing number of companies are going global. The increasing competition of online businesses forces them to do what they can to remain competitive. One area that needs to be examined is climate change and its impact on human habitats. Large-scale corporations are aware of the problem and are conducting business in areas such as the utilization of wind power, solar power, geothermal energy, hydroelectricity, and other alternative sources of energy. They are also exploring ways to create green jobs, train workers in those areas, and employ people from developing countries.

As noted earlier, businesses have to examine their business interest in sustainability. At the same time, the business must be concerned with indigenous peoples’ rights, their right to water, land, food, and other natural resources. The Journal of Economic Theory reports that many businesses have been focusing their business interest in sustainable development because doing so makes them company leaders who care about sustainability. Therefore, sustainable development makes businesses more attractive to investors.

The most attractive business opportunity for those interested in sustainability is a business opportunity with a social conscience. Corporate social responsibility allows business owners to become socially responsible and interested in a healthy society. These businesses can be involved in various activities, from purchasing products that promote sustainable development to donating to environmental organizations. Businesses can also get involved in local community development and infrastructure improvement projects.